I’m Meghan. 22 years of age. Student at The Florida State University.

I’m outgoing, I love spending time with my friends and family, and humor is my refuge. I try my best to practice positivity, compassion, and mindfulness, and I believe that true happiness lies largely in these pursuits.

I’m passionate about social justice, and activism is important to me.

I like Baseball, Music, Art, Traveling, the Outdoors, and the sky at all times but especially right before and after sunset.

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I spent all day driving myself nuts doing a paper about demographic transition then went home stressed out and depressed about a few different things, thennnnn proceeded to get super faded off wine and purp and also do several lines of Molly. Finally in this state of melancholic fuck up-ery I finish off my perf evening by freaking out and spilling my guts/life story to my roommate/friend because I literally cannot keep it together in my own household.

Great night.


bus doodles of carter’s WASP “waterfront in geist” mom & the ridiculous but golden things she says about me as soon as i’m not in the room

“she just seems a touch… spacey. you need a girl whose more… earth-y.”

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San Francisco early morning, Charlotte afternoon, Phoenix night.

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I made a small change to my OKC profile

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Every path is the right path. Everything could’ve been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning.”

Mr. Nobody (2009) dir.  Jaco Van Dormael

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The Wave: Arizona’s strange and spectacular rock formation
This unusual sandstone rock formation looks more like a surrealist painting than an actual place. It’s one travel destination you definitely want on your bucket list.

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